CEO Communication Spring 2017

Kibion’s strengthened position creates new business opportunities

Since Kibion was acquired by the French pharmaceutical company Laboratoires Mayoly Spindler last October, we are accelerating our ambition to become the leading manufacturer and provider of Urea Breath Tests around the world. This is important to us since we are committed to live our vision “To be first in mind, first in choice”.

We welcome our new owner. The acquisition strengthens both companies’ position globally and generates outstanding synergies within the gastro field where Mayoly Spindler today already has a strong position and product portfolio as well as several new products in the pipeline for the years to come.

Although Kibion prior to integration with Mayoly Spindler accessed leading knowledge and expertise in providing laboratories, hospitals and clinics with complete solutions for rapid reliable Urea Breath Tests and instruments for detecting the gastric ulcer bacterium Helicobacter pylori, we recognize the value of being part of a larger group. Being part of Mayoly Spindler enables us to bring additional value – not only to our distributors providing the end users with our instruments and diagnostic breath tests. But also, helping a larger number of patients who will benefit from our user-friendly breath tests and from getting adequate treatment. Our next step will be to further explore possibilities and develop innovative ideas to get the best and most out of the unique and strengthened company group constellation. Thus, bringing added value to all our stakeholders.

Kibion provides both C13 and C14 methods Today, Kibion is the only global provider of both C13 and C14 methods through Diabact® UBT, Kibion® Dynamic and Heliprobe® System. Our distributors, who represent both methods, are therefore experiencing a unique competitive opportunity locally and can focus completely on finding the best solution for their individual customer. We recognize that our distributors are invaluable to us, thus we aim to further strengthen the relationship in the various geographic markets enabling a solid and optimal business foundation that benefits both parties.

Growing market We foresee that the overall market for Urea Breath Tests will grow. One proof point is the increased interest from the pharmaceutical industry in new treatment options for Helicobacter pylori infections. This indicates that there is still an unmet medical need for improved treatments – and consequently also for rapid and reliable diagnosis.

Our ambition is to continue to make real footprints globally in the Urea Breath Tests market today and in the future. This is our way of living our vision.

Petter Bäckgren President and CEO, Kibion AB Kibion is part of Laboratoires Mayoly Spindler,